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[wptabtitle]Our service can be summarised into four essential areas:[/wptabtitle]
[wptabtitle]Search more…[/wptabtitle]

We have established an extensive network of contacts comprising of over 400 Estate Agents, Developers, and Private Vendors. Based on your detailed requirement’s we personally view all properties matching your criteria and establish a shortlist of properties which we believe would be suitable for your viewing. We discard the clearly inappropriate properties, thereby eliminating a significant amount of time in the search process for you.

ELITE PROPERTY FIND believes that the key to being successful and representing your interests lies in truly understanding your requirements. We arrange to meet you in our office in Marbella to provide an overview of our company and discuss your property preferences while providing guidance on what is realistically achievable with your budget in the current market. At this point your personal advisor will be dealing with your property search thereby ensuring continuity during the search period, fully understanding your needs, answering any questions and also assisting in any other requirements you may have for example hotel bookings, airport collection etc.

Before offering you any property for viewing we undertake a thorough property ‘audit’ through our recommended legal company, who will request from the owner’s lawyer, copies of all the documentation that allows us to carry out a search and study the history of the property. Basically such documentation includes Land Registry details of the property; Town Hall taxes receipts of payments (IBI and Garbage collection Tax), a Community of owners’ certificate and the last utilities receipts. In addition to these documents, a copy of the planning permission is requested from the Town hall.
The Lawyers will also ensure through their searches that the seller is the correct owner of the property, that there are no charges or encumbrance’s registered on the property or outstanding utilities debts and, that nothing untoward affects the property or the area (zoning regulations).
No wasted time looking at the wrong property.
This way, we avoid any delays on the signature of the private contract once you have decided to purchase a property.
Viewings are organised to suit you, and your personal advisor will accompany you to all of your viewings and will be there to provide impartial advice and discuss feedback afterwards. [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Negotiation more…[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] Once the right property is found we discuss how to approach the negotiations and the recommended offer to obtain an agreed price between seller and buyer. Our knowledge of the market, the property locations and knowledge of the estate agents enables us to establish the best possible terms.

Our relationship with estate agents means we can give you a competitive advantage over other interested parties as they know we only represent serious buyers.
We will represent you at all stages of the negotiation until agreement is reached, bringing speed and efficiency to get your property purchase to the point of exchange as soon as possible. [/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]Finalise Purchase and Legal Completion more…[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] Once the property price is agreed we manage the entire conveyance process together with our lawyers or the lawyer of your choice, liaising with the Notary’s office, Estate agent, mortgage broker and the sellers lawyer.
Our aim is to smooth the process leading up to completion of the purchase of the property, which can be extremely stressful. We will personally be in attendance liaising with all parties with regard to timing, location of Notary office, open issues etc. [/wptabcontent]
[wptabtitle]Post Property Purchase Services more…[/wptabtitle]
[wptabcontent] ELITE PROPERTY FIND have a comprehensive list of post property purchase
services that are available for our clients such as:

  • Lawyers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Financial consultants
  • Interior designers
  • Furnishing companies
  • Property Management
  • Luxury Car Hire


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